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Silverlight Picture Viewer Notes:

This is a test page with a Silverlight picture viewer object built-in. On this page the Silverlight object is drawn on the top left of the page, after loading the Silverlight browser plug-in. Sorry, you guys on non-windows tablets or mobile phones cannot see this stuff yet!

There are some small icons in the upper left hand corner of the viewer object. From left to right they are zoom out, zoom in, go to previous location, go to next location and home. Hover over these icons with your mouse to see a pop-up text description of the icon.

At the top right is a toggle full screen icon. Click on the toggle icon for best experience. After toggling up you can always return to the smaller object (toggle down) with the same toggle icon or just hit escape.

While in full screen you can use the mouse or touchpad to drag, scroll around, zoom and the zoom icons to "really" zoom in or out very quickly.

Have fun with my pictures of Austin, Texas scenes. The power of Silverlight is "unreal".




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