Editor's Opinion:

We are all participant's in the building of the future. The Internet has given voice to everyone and we have a responsibility for our opinions. What we say on forums, blogs, social media, news and any other site where all a person has to do is enroll free or pay a small fee to drone on about any topic from stupidity to worldly philosophical ideas will remain out there for others to read and even adopt.

Be conservative, be liberal, be radical but above all be vigilant of your own thoughts because your ideas are only valuable when you consider how those ideas affect others. Even the "the ones you hate" because some of "the ones you hate" will also be here tomorrow and they will be doing their best to affect the future with their ideas. We all have to be convinced of the ideas that will prevail tomorrow, not because they are the best ideas but because they will work in a civilized, socialized world.

The world is reaching a critical mass of modernization and we will in some cases not recognize the future because it will be more different than many of us realize. The future will evolve from models and systems that work, not from systems that do not work. Some of the current models and systems will vanish and some of the current debate will be remembered as "hot" air and will evaporate.

Here is a link to Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc. This site gives us a look at what is in, on and around us everyday as we live on the planet. Can anybody out there make an app for this?
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